Processing Advantages
Haiyee Mould Processing Advantages

With the use of a complete range of mold manufacturing facilities and powerful processing capability, we can manufacture the right products to meet different customer needs. We use a CNC machining center that is equipped with multiple CNC engravers, CNC gantry milling machines and CNC deep hole drilling machines. Each machine guarantees the machining precision and flexibility, and support a processing range of 2,000 x 1,500mm

Our injection molding machines have capacities of 86. 180, 250, or 800 tons, allowing for batch production of plastic injection molded parts.

Our 315, 800 and 1500 ton hydraulic presses are each equipped with an oil temperature monitor, which makes sure each end product is stable and accurate. They can meet the demands of both mold testing and mass production of molded parts.

We also use electric discharge machines and die spotting machines in our production process.

Polishing is used to reduce the roughness on a work piece surface, which is why each product of ours is smooth and bright.

According to preset assembly sequences and methods, we can easily assemble parts and components into a qualified mold.

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